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Student recruitment is continually evolving. With students wanting simplified processes and higher education institutions (HEIs) implementing stricter agreements, competition will be tough.

This is where MSM Unify can be your partner for success.

Unlimited Earning Potential | Expanded Institution
Partnerships | One-Stop Solution for Students

MSM Unify provides direct access to a host of automated recruitment tools and expands your school, college and university partnerships worldwide, setting you apart from the competition. All while creating the application experience of a lifetime for your students. But there’s more—since you have a self-service dashboard for all of your student applications, you have more control of your submissions and commissions.

  • Automate your business to recruit more intelligently than ever
  • Build just ONE student profile and use it to apply across institutions and programs
  • An ever-increasing number of partner institutions = unlimited earning opportunity

Trusted by Institutions Around the Globe

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Agents


Earn: Maximum Commissions

Lucrative commissions.
Choose the commission structure with each of our agent partnership models that you like and believe makes a difference in your practice.
Tools from A-Z.
Get access to automated agent invoicing and additional tech-enabled features for a rewarding agent and recruitment experience.
World's best within your reach.
Our constantly expanding portfolio of partner schools, colleges and universities helps to ensure that you’ll get a steady stream of income, today and in the future.
Global network of institutions.
No need to limit your reach. We have partner institutions around the world, including top colleges and universities in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, US, UK, France, Germany, Russia, and the rest of the world. With us, you reach more destinations and grow your institutional partnerships.
Extensive program lineup.
With thousands of programs at your fingertips, your customer base can only get bigger. Our platform’s AI-powered search filters and program matching features make your student’s selection process easier and smarter.

Collaborate: Global Partnerships

Simplify: Do Everything in One AI-Powered Platform

One student profile.
Streamline all applications. You only need to create one form to apply to multiple institutions and fields of study based on student preferences. Start the application process with just a few clicks. *Terms and conditions apply for applicants of institutions in the USA.
One-stop dashboard.
Manage applications virtually, from top-notch handling of application to counselor performance, improving student acceptance rates and your success. Analyze real data for maximum lead conversion.
World's best within your reach.
Being an MSM Unify agent means carrying a badge of excellence and quality, as our network of recruitment partners are vetted for compliance and good governance practices. Read our agent governance
Human assistance.
Our skilled staff, paired with our AI tools, review applications to make sure they’re complete and accurate. We take care of submissions and forward the admission package to you once available. Truly hassle-free student recruitment.
Get upskilled!
As a recognized institution agent, you get access to exclusive webinars, student counseling sessions, networking events, and training sessions from industry experts!
Fuss-free registration.
Get your unique ID and password by signing up, whether as a GMO agent, Abcodo agent, or both.

Learn: Train and Upskill

Why MSM Global Marketing Office (GMO)?

We manage and upskill agents for increased international enrollment

We build global and in-country offices for partner institutions, providing a dedicated team on the ground, managing agent networks, generating qualified leads, pre-screening student applications, and providing pre-departure briefing sessions to students and their parents.


Helping expand your agency business through global exposure and ongoing support for painful, time-consuming functions like institution invoicing

No Sub-Agent Zone

GMO model is the only platform today that allows you to be a direct and recognized agent of a college or university and get paid directly by them

Our Network

Join a steadily growing network of at least 4,500 MSM affiliate agents in countries on nearly every continent, from India and the Indian subcontinent to Southeast Asia to Africa and Latin America

Why Abcodo?

We’re the high-performance recruitment partner of MSM Unify, offering compliant network partners, complete student applications, and a wealth of services to institutions looking to recruit students from around the globe.
Unmatched support

A full-service agency where institutions pay for every successful enrollment, not just every unqualified lead


Get rewarded for your hard work with empowering commissions, webinars and training opportunities, and more college/university partnerships that you have ever thought possible

Our guarantee

We ensure timely payment of application fees and tuition deposits, a comprehensive review of applications saving schools time and manpower

Why both GMO and Abcodo?

To get comprehensive benefits of being both a GMO and an Abcodo agent! It’s getting the best of both worlds, while reaching out to a huge spread of Institutions across the globe.

Trusted by Institutions Around the Globe

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Agents

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